Welcome to The Circle of the Dark Moon

Greetings, and felicitations, seekers, adepts, and the curious to The Circle of the Dark Moon.

The Circle of the Dark Moon (CotDM) coven and teaching tradition is simply what it presumes to be. For the seeker, a vehicle for them to expand spiritually, perhaps to join the coven, or to discover whether this path is for them. For the adept, it is a chance to grow in knowlwdge and power. Finally, for the curious, this is a chance for them to learn about us and in the process learn about Wicca.

While still young, the Dark Moon Tradition bases its philosophy on Gardnerian and Alexandrian teachings. We believe in following the 13 principals of Wiccan belief, in the true spirit of the Wiccan rede, in balanced devotion to a Goddess and a God, and in celebrating both male and female energies at our sabbats and esbats.

In addition, if you are a student of magick, the Dark Moon path may be for you.

The founder, Duir Gwalchmai, is an accomplished chaos magician who has studied shamanism, druidism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magick and summoning. He trained for six years with a Gardnerian coven in South Florida along with ceremonial magicians and adepts from other magickal paths. He and his wife, Wakanda Bluefeather, also trained for one year in a tradition and coven too fluffy to name until they finally hived and formed their own coven and school to address many of the clear and present shortcomings of modern Wiccan training.

In addition to being Duir's consort and helpmate, Wakanda, is both a talented empath and channeling medium. She regularly talks to the faeries and other astral entities which inhabit their house as well as doing readings for others.

Anyone interested in joining a serious Wiccan and Magick study group or possible inclusion in the circle should contact duir at circleofthedarkmoon . org. or use the contact page. Currently, class enrollment and the circle are open.

We hold both in-person classes and classes on the internet. Internet classes are taught via TeamSpeak or Skype. We don't merely send students an email assignment and a due date. Internet classes are just as interactive as the classes we hold at the brick and mortar school. Classes are held each Tuesday or Thurday evening and will take the student from seeker status, through first, second, third, adept, and master adept degrees.

A brief word is necessary regarding our notion of degrees. While degrees are important benchmarks for watersheds in a Wiccan's spiritual enlightenment and acomplishments, too often people get overly concerned with attaining degrees, or initiations to the exclusion of what Wicca is really about--worship of the God and Goddess. Therefore, we believe that degrees are not as important as spiritual evolution, that experience is not as important as commitment, and that someone telling you are ready to move on is not as important as self-attainment. Therefore, as teachers we are merely guides, and the student in the fullness of time and self-realization will tell the teachers when it is time for their next steps. And finally, the Goddess, and the God, and the Craft will always recognize their own regardless of how many degrees, initiations, or titles you may or may not possess.

Merry part and may we merry meet again.