Group Mind Activities


Group mind exercises are another way the Circle of the Dark Moon distinguishes itself from the crowd of blessed-wannabes. Our tradition stresses the use of magick; and magick is hard work. Hard work requires that our bodies be in the best possible physical condition-or at least that we're making strides in that direction. If indeed we are reflections of the Gods, or at the very least stewards of this human coil gifted to us by the Divine, then it certainly behooves us to take good care of our bodies. However, group mind exercises are more than just physical conditioning; otherwise, marines would be the most powerful wizards ever. Group mind exercises also cultivate mental and magickal harmony.


Have you ever been in a room with multiple tuning forks vibrating? The forks vibrate at perfect pitch filling the room with rich harmonics. Now imagine someone else walks into the room and drops a glass. The glass shatters. A discordant crashing cacophony jangles and smashes into the soothing tones like breakers on a beach until they, like the once whole glass, lie crushed and broken upon the floor. A similar discordant note in a magickal circle, either physical or mental, can be the difference between a successful magickal working and working with a magickal dud.


The military calls it "team building," social scientists call it "collective intelligence," and the magickal community refers to it as "group mind." No matter whether it's bonding with squad members, or combining individuals into something larger than themselves to overcome social bias and groupthink, or standing inside a magickal circle during ritual or spell work, it is proven that those who share activities together perform better together. With that in mind, the Circle of the Dark Moon invites you join in its group mind exercises held each Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM Eastern time prior to the first-degree classes.


Tai Chi, gentle yoga (no pretzel poses), nature walks, and guided meditations are some of the proposed activities. We plan to rotate the type of activity in order to try to offer exercises that everybody likes. Sometimes, this activity may be combined with class time for field trips. However, you do not necessarily need to be a registered student to partake in the group mind exercises and are always welcome to remain afterward and take in a class.


In the future, we might expand the list of activities to include bike rides, runs, and physical training that is more strenuous. However, for now, we're going to stick with less arduous exercises as the point of these exercises is to increase rapport among our members, thereby making you a more effective member of the Dark Moon Circle, and magickal community at large, and thereby making you more successful in your own magickal practice, and not necessarily to raise your heart rate.


It is suggested that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early so that we are ready to start precisely at 2:00 PM as classes start at 3:00 PM and there won't be time for a delayed start of this activity.


It is recommended that you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes. Bring whatever equipment and refreshments you feel you'll need after the exercises, as spare equipment and refreshments may not be available since this a free activity.


The activity of the week will be announced beforehand via email. If you have any questions, contact the organizer of this event.


To participate in the next Group Mind Exercise or to get more information contact us and we'll be glad to sign you up or answer your questions.