Registering / Attending Classes

The Circle of the Dark Moon provides instruction for beginners and adepts alike. See our curriculum page for a description of degree programs and instruction available. The classes listed on the curriculum page are indicative of the typical instruction for a first degree dedicant. Please note that like Wicca, our curriculum evolves and our website may not always reflect the most current offerings.

However, if you are a student in good standing with us and the curriculum changes you will not be held accountable for new requirements. You will graduate under the original requirements when you signed up for classes.

To register for the live, in person classes held at our Covenstead in Warner Robins, GA, email us to receive your student login ID and password. Make sure you check our calendar page for the date(s) of the next online or in-person class. In-person classes (when in session) are held every Saturday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone, right after our Group Mind Exercises.


See the calendar page for the schedule when Online classes (when in session) are held. For more information regarding the online classes, see our frequently asked questions page about online classes page.

See the calendar page for when Second degree classes (when in session) are held.

Third degree and above students (and you know who you are) Your classes are at the set time and place as described in your student packages.

Please check the calendar page for next class date.

To register for classes (either online or in-person) complete the above steps. In addition contact us and let us know whether you're interested in online or in-person classes. Also visit our frequently asked questions page about online classes page.

If you have questions or problems, never hesitate to contact us for help and support.